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Black pump 1000ml

Κωδικός IDH 2311253

Black salon Dispenser Pump delivers 3.5 ml. For 1000 ml backwash bottles.

Στοιχεία προϊόντος

SALON TOOLS The portfolio of salon tools has been carefully selected and inspired by design and hairdressing experts. Its careful design allows it to meet the daily needs of salons and hairdressers express their creativity, the tools for salons share a common principle: they simplify daily life and transform the way of working.



  • Προϊόν

    SKP Pro Services (P) - SB

  • Διαστάσεις προϊόντος

    Ύψος 270 Χιλιοστά
    Πλάτος 35 Χιλιοστά
    Βάθος 67 Χιλιοστά

  • Βάρος Προϊόντος

    0.029 Κιλά

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