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Did you know that the top 3 hair concerns are all scalp related?

  1. Hair Loss
  2. Dandruff/ Itchy Scalp
  3. Thinning Hair

In the next 5 years, scalp care will move from being a niche market to mainstream demand.

Turn this movement into a new business opportunity for your salon because…

  • Consumers are looking for products that answer specific scalp needs
  • Salon clients appreciate individualized services
  • They value the support and expertise of their hairdresser
  • New Scalp Clinix answers all scalp related needs: A fully customizable and salon exclusive regime with microbiome active to help re-balance your client‘s scalp condition, from salon to home


Help re-balance your client's scalp condition in salon with new Scalp Clinix in-salon service. Powered by Biotic Technology with microbiome active to answer your client's individual scalp need: from all dandruff types, dry, delicate & oily scalps to even hair loss.

Scalp Clinix expands the existing Fibre Clinix regime by offering a salon-exclusive and fully customisable scalp care regime. It can be easily embedded into the Fibre Clinix regime with minimum added time to perfectly treat scalp and hair at once - for a holistic approach towards scalp and hair.

Salon clients can maintain their improved scalp condition at home until the next salon visit with our Scalp Clinix home care regime.


Expanding the Fibre Clinix regime, Scalp Clinix is our salon exclusive, fully customisable scalp care regime from salon to home care. Combining high-performing microbiome active technology, skincare-inspired ingredients with customisation, it complements the Fibre Clinix Service with minimum added time to perfectly treat scalp and hair at once. Hairdressers can set themselves apart from the competition as being the scalp and hair expert.

A balanced scalp leads to healthier hair. The Scalp Clinix range is complemented with Microbiome Active, our advanced formula of natural ingredients designed to balance the scalp's microbiome and improve hair health:

  • Helps to support the scalp’s microbiome balance for improved scalp condition
  • Soothes and calms the scalp
  • Leaves the scalp with a moisturised and balanced feeling
  • Contains fermented ingredients and Edelweiss extract

STAGE 1: The scalp's microbiome is unbalanced when the bad microbes predominate the good microbes.

STAGE 2: Biotic Technology with Microbiome Active helps to re-balance the scalp's microbiome for improved scalp condition.

STAGE 3: Once the ratio of good and bad microbes is adjusted to its natural state, the scalp's microbiome is balanced leading to improved scalp condition.

Scalp Clinix

In-Salon Service & Home Care Maintenance


  • There are 5 common scalp conditions: 
    Psoriasis – a generic hereditary condition that accelerates the process of skin shedding
    Dermatitis – a non-genetic condition, a reaction to yeast microbes (skin is very sensitive to), considered as more of an allergy-related scalp condition
    Simple Dandruff – a non-genetic condition, similar to dermatitis
    Eczema – a non-genetic condition that looks similar to simple dandruff, caused by hypersensitivity to food, perfumes or infections and inflammations
    Tinea Capitis – also known as ringworm (circular rashes), associated with people who are around animals
  • As customers know their hair best, they notice when they are shedding more hair than normal.

    Normal hair loss/shedding = 75-150 hairs a day

    Hairdresser can diagnose hair loss by asking these questions: 

    • Has the client recently been ill
    • Undergone shock
    • Given birth
    • Started a new diet or medication

    When the hairdresser notices a client is experiencing rapid hair loss, then they should recommend to see a trichologist

  • Dandruff can be caused by:
    • Stress (as stress imbalances the scalp oils)
    • Irritated or oily skin 
    • Sensitivity to hair care products 
    • Other skin conditions, such as Psoriasis or Eczema 
    • Not shampooing enough 
  • There are different levels of oily scalp. Changes in oil balance, e.g. oil acidity starts to reduce and becomes more alkaline this can cause skin irritants and increase oil production.

    Factors that can increase oil levels: 
    Hormone imbalance: often seen when males and females start puberty
    Stress: high stress factors can increase oil levels
    Washing hair frequently: shampooing off the external layer, the body will produce more as it is a protective layer, this is the most common factor

  • Dry scalp is a skin irritation, where we see less skin flaking. 

    Symptoms include: 

    • The scalp feeling hot, irritated, redness, burning, very uncomfortable
    • Also known as Eczema (which is a genetic condition)
    • There are many common triggers to this condition – such as, allergies, infections & illnesses, medications